The best products on the market

Our products are caught by Norwegian Vessels in clean, deep waters of the arctic Barents Sea and have a quality and purity that only a few other products in the world can boast.

Coldwater prawns are a delicious, healthy and pure ingredient. In ­order to ensure a first-class product, our Norwegian Partner maintains high quality at every stage – from the prawns are brought on board until they are sent to STIX. Our customers should know that, when they open a box of prawns from Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS, they are getting the best product on the market.

Pure Gourmet certified

Sustainable harvesting is very important for our Norwegian partner-company Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS "CPN" and us. Therefore all products are accredited to the MSC and Friends of the Sea and meet their approval requirements. For CPN, however, this is not enough. They have created their own certification brand, Pure Gourmet. The goal of Pure Gourmet is to set even stricter demands as regards sustainable harvesting.

Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS is the only supplier in the world with 100% Norwegian cold water prawns certified through MSC, FOS und KRAV.