STIX-Article Fischmagazin

We are very happy, that the magazin “Fischmagazin” made a long article with nice pictures about our cooperation with Coldwater Prawns of Norway. Here is the article – much fun while reading: STIX (Sorry this is only a german article!) For any questions …

29. August 2015

Sushi and Prawn Combination for Gourmet

A lovely and tasteful idea for using our products: …arrange by Restaurant Margaretenhof

21. June 2015

STIX visited Northern Norway

On the 12.06.2015 STIX visited the peeling-factory of Coldwater Prawns of Norway on the island Senja. It has been very interesting days with snow-rain in June in the arctic circle. Further informatians will follow!

21. June 2015

Gourmet Prawns

Our Coldwater Prawns do not only taste very good – they look also very nice! …served at the restaurant Margaretenhof on the island Fehmarn!

6. June 2015

STIX will visit Production in North-Norway

Beginn of June STIX is again in Norway and will visit the production in Senjahopen.

29. May 2015

Seafood Expo in Brussels

STIX was on a sunny day at the Seafood Expo in Brussels. We thank all for the nice meetings.

29. May 2015

Premium Coldwater Prawns

This photo was done on one off the fishing vessels in February 2015. It shows the extreme climate-conditions in the north of Svalbrad. Snowstrom, pack-ice, icebergs, 24 hrs no daylight and a temperature until minus 45°C. Overhere the rawmaterial for ou …

5. April 2015

STIX will join the Seafood Expo in Brussels

Jointly with our norwegian partner Coldwater Prawns of Norway “CPN” we will join the Seafood Expo in Brussel. CPN has its own stand and we look forward to get new contacts.

2. April 2015

CPN joins the Fischwirtschaftsgipfel and is registered for the award “product of the year”

Our Norwegian partnercompany Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS is also registered for the congress “Fischwirtschaftsgipfel 2015 in Hamburg”. Furthermore the product “Premium Coldwater Prawns” is registered for the award “product of the year”.

21. January 2015

STIX joins the Fischwirtschaftsgipfel

We are registered for the congress “Fischwirtschaftsgipfel 2015 in Hamburg” and be happy to join this congress.

10. January 2015