Scandinavian Trade Im- & Export GmbH


The passion for the nature and the inhabitants of Scandinavia – especially in Norway, was for us the impulse. Decades of experience of us North-German island inhabitants in business and hobby for the correct handling with high quality seafood as well as the intuition for excellent gourmet-products in combination with an efficient commercial navigation and control, the idea for this company foundation was logical. This also against the background of the local development in the context of the fixed Fehmarn-Belt link between Scandinavia and Germany and the result of this, by highway connected growing northern Europe economy-region.

Taste-experience for the “D-A-CH-region”

STIX has the target to establish this high-quality top-products and its pure taste-experience direct from the arctic in the gourmet-scene of the "D-A-CH-region". STIX is a competent contact and can give professional advice. Therefore STIX can use its advantage of the direct contact to its Norwegian partner and the geographical location at one of the northernmost points of the "D-A-CH-region". To be currently "up to date" STIX is several times a year on-site in Norway.

Efficient Logistic

For the professional and efficient product-handling STIX is supported by the biggest German food-logistic company – the Nagel-group. For all distributive challenges – starting with a short-term minimum quantity going up to a contractual palette-supply – STIX is widespread positioned.

Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS "CPN"

Three former competitors with long experience of prawn fishing teamed up in 2008 to form Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS, a joint sales and marketing company. In 2011, the company started its own production company in Senjahopen, Norway. Now, not many years later, CPN is Norway's biggest sales company for Norwegian-caught prawns and one of Norway’s fastest growing companies.

Since it was founded in 2007/2008, the company has increased its market share of Norwegian-caught cold water prawns from just fewer than 45% to more than 90% today. During the years the company has been in operation, CPN has become Norway's biggest sales company for Norwegian-caught prawns.

CPN's operating revenues increased from Eur 1,8 million in its first year of operation in 2008 to Eur 45 million in 2012. The company had budgeted for a substantial increase in 2014.

CPN is the only supplier in Norway that has control of the whole value chain from ocean to plate. CPN only supplies Norwegian prawns fished in Catch Area FAO 27.